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5 Blockchain Initiatives that Can Be Implemented Today

5 Blockchain Initiatives that Can Be Implemented TodayBlockchain has been so hyped for so long, people may want it without quite understanding what it actually does. There are plenty of reasons for this confusing state of affairs. The biggest culprit is the business...

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Top 10 Collaboration Software Options

Top 10 Collaboration Software OptionsWhat is the best collaboration software?  A quick survey of the leading industry software review sites and analyst reports shows a diverging set of favorites. Part of the problem in figuring out what’s the best are variations in...

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Modernizing the Accounting Function

Modernizing the Accounting FunctionNext time you call an accounting staff person a “bean counter,” know this: You’re WRONG! The term is actually derived from the German word “Erbsenzähler,” which means “pea counter.” In German, it means someone who is overly nitpicky,...

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Cloud ERP as a Driver of ROI in Non-Profits

Cloud ERP as a Driver of ROI in Non-ProfitsNon-profit organizations can achieve a positive Return on Investment (ROI) by moving to cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. This may sound like an odd proposition, but non-profits very much need to think...

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The Case for Hybrid Cloud and Legacy Services

The Case for Hybrid Cloud and Legacy ServicesAs cloud computing services become more powerful and varied, most senior IT managers are contemplating a hybrid approach to the cloud. This is not a new topic, but the continuing evolution of cloud solutions should lead to...

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5 Real Life Examples of AI at Work in Businesses Today

5 Real Life Examples of AI at Work in Businesses TodayArtificial Intelligence (AI) is an exciting topic in business, but often the vision for AI is either too futuristic or expensive to mean much to a midsized business. You might want AI capabilities, but you don’t...

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Digital Transformation Requires True Cloud Software

Digital Transformation Requires True Cloud SoftwareDigital transformation is a compelling goal for businesses today. However, it presents a multi-faceted challenge. Transforming business strategy and operations with technology means combining the power of data with...

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