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Is the Cloud Killing the CIO?

Is the Cloud Killing the CIO?Is the CIO role on its way out? It may be premature to announce the demise of this critical executive function, but cloud computing is definitely threatening it. At the very least, the cloud is pushing significant changes to the CIO’s job...

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The Role of Business Software in Digital Transformation

The Role of Business Software in Digital TransformationDigital transformation is a hot topic these days, perhaps a little over-hyped. Yet, it’s very real, and it can make a difference in your business. Though a complex subject, the essence of digital transformation...

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10 Keys to Avoiding Data Breach

10 Keys to Avoiding Data BreachWho doesn’t want to avoid a data breach? They’re bad for business, on so many levels. If you needed any reminders about this, consider that within the last two weeks, Equifax was fined $750 million for its massive breach and Capital One...

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The Controller and Business Software

The Controller and Business SoftwareWhat is the controller’s role in business software usage and procurement? We’ve found this to be a significant question because a lot of otherwise smart people don’t seem to understand either what a controller does or what business...

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C-Suite Software Sentiment Study (Infographic)

The 2019 C-Suite Software Sentiment Study by the Business Software Education Center was conducted in May of 2019 with the goal of providing a mid-year check regarding what executives are thinking, planning and prioritizing on the increasingly mission-critical subject of software and technology.

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Business Process Automation: What it is and How it Works

Technology has long been employed in speeding up or simplifying business processes. Today, we are seeing steady growth in the area of Business Process Automation (BPA). And, while we’ve come a long way since the days of dots and dashes, the essentials have not changed much.

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Understanding the Role of Software in Cybersecurity

Software has its own, distinctive role in cybersecurity. Hackers frequently target software applications. As a result, it’s useful to understand software’s vulnerabilities as well as countermeasures that can protect software from attack.

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Integrating with ERP

Salesforce has an extensive feature set, but it doesn’t do everything. Indeed, Salesforce is designed to integrate with other software applications so its CRM capabilities can surface in multiple areas of a business.

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BI is Not Just for the Enterprise Any More

Business Intelligence (BI) is no longer the exclusive domain of large organizations. New BI tools make it easier than ever before for non-specialists to analyze and visualize data. And, the technology is getting more affordable.

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Why Migrate from Legacy ERP to Cloud ERP?

Many businesses are migrating their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems from legacy, on-premises deployment to the cloud. Should you? There is no simple answer, unfortunately. The cloud offers some compelling benefits for ERP, but it’s not for everyone.

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Getting Proactive with Data Analytics

Being proactive means structuring your data analytics to serve ongoing business objectives. It creates tangible, business-facing actions that arise from data-driven insights. For example, you can use data analytics tools to create a business dashboard.

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Understanding Data Security

There is no single element that defines data security. Rather, it’s invariably a combination of practices, processes, policies and tools. The goal is always the same, though, and that is to protect data from theft, disruption or unauthorized access.

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Enterprise Software News Roundup

The marketplace for enterprise software products is lively and fast-paced. Every week brings exciting new product announcements, client “win-wires” and reports of analyst coverage. Here is a roundup of some industry highlights for the last few months.

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ERP Analyst Roundup

Here are some recent examples of analyst coverage for cloud ERP, an emerging category, and for Acumatica, one of the most promising cloud ERP solutions on the market today.

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