10 Digital Transformation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Digital transformation is one of those buzzy concepts that people like to talk about without perhaps fully understanding. If nothing else, the term has multiple meanings. At its core, digital transformation is about using new technologies to move a business into a more profitable, competitive mode. This is not new, of course. Companies have been doing this for decades, but recent, sweeping innovations in mobility and application integration enable great leaps ahead rather than incremental change.

Big leaps can be great, but they come with their share of risks. This paper takes a look at digital transformation and offers insights into what can go right and wrong with the process. It comprises 10 digital transformation mistakes and how to avoid them. These include underestimating the importance of having a comprehensive strategy and change management. Other risks relate to taking on too much, too soon as well as navigating the technology changes in an unproductive way. It is possible to transform a business with technology, but doing it right takes knowledge and focus.

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